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GPS Geo Fence and Geo Coding



GPS Geo Fencing competitor brick and mortar stores. We capture the mobile IDs from devices that enter those locations and then follow the device serving display ads. This same strategy can be used for the customer location(s).

GPS Geo Coding captures the devices from the home addresses of people who are past customers who have purchase the products or services your customer provides as well as to purchased lists.

All components provide cross-device optimization and robust campaign reporting.

GPS Geo Fence and Geo Coding pricing based on $15/CPM with $500 min spend.

*This type of strategy allows our clients to digitally advertise directly to people who have a specific interest in the products that they sell. For example, people walking into an Advance Auto Parts are presumably a “parts buyer” so we can digitally advertise directly to that audience based on previous location data.

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