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Types of Logos and How They Can Set Your Business Apart

Your logo tells your audience everything they need to know about you. When successfully implemented, a logo can become an integral part of your brand. It is a guarantee of quality, ownership, and value. The logo becomes your signature; it appears on social media, websites, employee apparel, and business cards. Discover the different types of logos, and how they can set your company apart from the competition.


Commonly also referred to as a logotype, this style of logo works best for companies with a distinct, usually short, name. The brand name and logo are catchy, and the brand can be easily recognized.

Examples: Google, VISA, Pepsi


Pictorial logos are also known as logo symbols or brand marks. The goal is to create a visual that speaks for itself without any need for words.

Examples: Twitter, Apple, Target


Definitely, one of the more “adorable” types of logo design, the mascot logo uses an illustrated character, commonly a cartoonish animal or inanimate object relevant to the business. Your brand’s mascot becomes its spokesperson. Mascots are often used as ambassadors at football games, taking selfies and giving high-fives at fundraising events, and waving to passers-by in front of family-friendly businesses.

Examples: KFC, Pringles, Mr. Clean


Usually, monogram logos are formed by acronyms or letters. If this is the style of logo you are after it’s important to choose a font and color that highlight what the company represents.

Examples: IBM, KFC, CNN


You can use abstract pictorials as geometric pictures to emphasize the purposes of your business. The Pepsi logo consists of a divided circle for example. The Korean Air and Adidas logos also share these key characteristics.

Examples: BP, Adidas, Pepsi


Create an emblem logo by inputting a font inside an icon, or by using seals, badges, or crests. The emblem logo is a classic choice for industries such as schools, government agencies, or industrial brands. They give off a sense of professionalism, a business with a long history, and a good reputation.

Examples: Starbucks, Harvard University, Harley Davidson


A combination utilizes more than one of the categories above. Pepsi is a company that makes use of Abstract and Wordmark. Depending on the campaign, they will use one or both methods at the same time to get their message and brand across.

Examples: Pepsi, Burger King, Doritos

How do I create a distinct logo?

In an overcrowded market, the best way to solidify your brand is to design your logo with the help of professionals. A custom-designed job adds value right from the start. Having an identity that stands out and helps you make a great first impression.

You can certainly obtain software or make a DIY version yourself. However, those are cookie-cutter solutions. A professionally designed logo will project the confident image your business needs, and it will feature a range of variations and formats that are sure to boost your ROI. Professional marketers know what works and what doesn’t. A professional can also discover details that could turn away parts of your target audience that you otherwise would have missed.

Look at it as a home improvement or a major electrical project. To get the job done properly, hire a pro. A professional business logo can give you countless benefits, and a design that will stand the test of time. Contact The Agency today to get started.

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