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What are Geo Fencing and Retargeting?

Geo Fencing, Geo Coding, Retargeting; what are they exactly? What do they do? How can they benefit my business? These are three products that The Agency offers its clients to help business owners and salespeople earn more marketshare and convert more leads.

GPS Geo Fencing is an invisible fence ove competitor brick and mortar stores. We capture the mobile IDs from devices that enter those locations and then follow the device serving display ads. This same strategy can be used for the your location(s). This helps you to follow either your, or your competitors clients with display ads earning you more clients through strategic marketing to people who are already using your or similar products/services.

GPS Geo Coding serves display ads to the devices from the home addresses of people who are your past customers who have purchase the products or services you provide or to purchased address lists.  This is more useful when you are marketing to a specific physical area like a zip code or parts of a city.

Competitive Retargeting sends display ads to people who visit specific websites that you designate. That could be a competitors website, gaining you more potential markets have of people looking to buy similar products or services. It could be a website that has a similar target audience but an entirely different product.

These types of strategies allow our clients to digitally advertise directly to people who have a specific interest in the products that they sell. For example, people walking into an Advance Auto Parts are presumably a “parts buyer” so we can digitally advertise directly to that audience based on previous location data. Or if they buy auto parts online we can advertise to them in the same manner. The key to success in these advertisements are to figure out which websites or locations are going to be the most effective.

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